Travel guide

The transport of passengers with the means of transport belonging to the Arad Public Transport Company is carried out on the basis of travel permits.

In order to benefit from civilized conditions during the trip, we recommend that you take into account a few important aspects:

  • follow the current public transport rules travel only on the basis of valid travel documents
  • respect the work of the employees of the transport operators
  • behave appropriately so that you do not disturb other passengers
  • do not dirty/damage the interior or exterior of the vehicle
  • do not take different objects out of the window
  • ask for support by calling 112 when you encounter acts of vandalism or crime
  • hand over the items found in the vehicle to the driver to help those who have lost them.

Boarding and alighting the means of transport is done only at the stations.Do not ask the driver of the vehicle to make an exception.

Do not talk to the driver of the vehicle, especially while driving.

For your safety, surveillance cameras are installed in the means of transport, and their existence is properly marked with visible posters.

Controllers are empowered to check travel documents and apply sanctions to those who do not have them. At a possible control, it is mandatory to respect them, whatever the situation in which you find yourself.

Only by following these recommendations, your transport can be carried out in safe and comfortable conditions!