The Intercommunity Development Association for Public Transport Arad was established in the form of a cooperation structure of local public authorities, 
with legal personality under private law and public utility status recognized by the effect of the law intended for the joint exercise and realization of the powers
 of the local public administration authorities regarding the provision of public transport services, established in their charge according to the provisions of
 Law no. 51/2006 of community services of public utilities, of Law no. 215/2001, of the local public administration, republished, with subsequent amendments 
and additions, and of the Decentralization Framework Law no. 195/2006.

         The association aims to:

 - The establishment, organization, regulation, exploitation, monitoring and joint management of the public local transport service within the association, 
within the competence of the member administrative-territorial units;

 - Improving integrated mobility through the coordinated administration and appropriate financing of public transport services;

 - Strategic planning, monitoring and approval of activities regarding the authorisation, organization, management and control of the operation of public passenger
 transport services, for the transport by buses, trams and other means of public passenger transport;

 - Implementation of Regulation (EC) NO. 1370/2007 OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL, of 23 October 2007 regarding public rail
 and road passenger transport services, mandatory for all member countries starting from December 2009, by concluding public service contracts/management
 delegation contracts with operators of public passenger transport.

A.N.R.S.C. accredited the Arad Intercommunity Development Association for Public Transport in order to exercise legal powers in the field of local public
 transport services.

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